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It has the harsh tone that always vibrates, which never gets difficult, even in difficult situations and extreme situations, and the true game of Liszt is unimaginable. To do this, the most difficult jumps and seemingly effortless passages go by your hand … and without putting yourself in the spotlight as a virtuoso, she shows bravery …


At the Schumann Carnival op 9 the pianists had decided on a consistent “groovy” performance, which is probably due to the play in its explosive and penetrating nature. A radiant and pregnant piano that did not lose its effect. Applause enthusiasts and encore.


The surprisingly perfected piano of a Portuguese pianist was to be heard … The three sonatas, which Helena Rocha von Oertzen transferred with astounding skill from the old Seixas’ Cenbalo to the modern grand piano, shine today as brilliant virtuous pieces … the pianist gives increases and Highlights (Wanderer-Fanstasie, Carnival) with temperament, is technically infallible – but also pleases the tonal feel of the poetry of the German romantics.


Love pianist Helena Rocha von Oertzen in Liszt. 2. Concert of Piano Concerto and luminous cascades flashing and proven rhythmic concision and virtuous verve. The artist was celebrated emphatically.


Prokofiev’s tocata provided an excellent opportunity to emphasize this temperament, with repetitions of Russian spells in his left hand, the explosive eruptions of his right hand in the middle, and the fast, frenetic moment of musical flow …


Helena Rocha von Oertzen reveals the wide range of possibilities with themes and variations Capriccio of Paganini-Liszt, to Ravel’s Gracious Dawn. For the enthusiastic continuous applause, the artist thanks Chopin and Bartók. One can say that Helena Rocha von Oertzen convinced with the works presented and his remarkable technical capacity and gained a lot of sympathy.